6 Foot Floating Anchor Stick - Black

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Product Overview

The 6 Foot Floating Anchor Stick - Black from YakGear provides An alternative to the original YakStick Mud Anchor, the lightweight YakGear – YakStick Floating Stake-Out Stick provides effortless and silent anchoring in shallow waters. Stake-Out sticks are a preferred anchoring method in shallow coastal waters as well as in shallow lakes and streams. The new multi-purpose handle design allows for a firm grip when pushing through a variety of hard bottoms and can be flipped around to be used as a push pole mud foot or push off. The YakStick shaft is made of 7/8″ vertical and horizontal pultrusion-formed fiberglass, giving it unsurpassed strength. Its handle and point are made of rigid nylon and best of all, it floats!

Weight 4 lbs
Size 6 Foot
Color Black
Diameter 0.88"
variableshiptime200.gif Ships in 0 to 14 Days
Features Benefits
Float Floating Stake-Out Stick
Lightweight 6-foot stick weighs 22oz
Rope Anchor rope attachment molded in handle
Construction Made of rigid fiberglass with an oversized foam grip
Handle Material Made of nylon

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review