Basic Mesh Gear Bag

$22.95 - $34.95

Product Overview

The Basic Mesh Gear Bag from Watersports Warehouse dries gear quickly, sand shakes right out, reduces mildew and odor, hose out your gear right through the bag, hang it on a nail in the garage, go have a cold one, and you're done! Useful as a dive and snorkel gear bag. Great for surf gear. Popular with all watersports enthusiasts. Makes a nice laundry bag on trips.

Small: 22" x 11"
Medium: 28" x 13"
Large: 32" x 15"
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Features Benefits
Mesh construction Allows for quick drying
Durable Full wrap around handles for strength
Mesh Regular open weave mesh or new DuraMesh
Mesh color Bronze or silver DuraMesh or black open mesh
Fabric ends and panels color Black, Royal, Red, Teal, Charcoal, Silver, Brown, Texas Orange, Nany
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance