Mesh Kayakers Bag

$46.95 - $59.95

Product Overview

The Mesh Kayakers Bag from Watersports Warehouse all of our kayakers love them once they realize they are wet storage right behind the seat in the tankwell of the sit-on-top kayaks and they are very easy to get gear out in a hurry in case of an emergency.

I carry my PFD, fins-mask-snorkel, Bilge Pump, anchor kit, extra paddle clothing, and my 100oz CamelBak Unbottle in there. The hose to my CamelBak comes out of the zipper, under my arm, and attaches to the front of my paddle shirt for constant hydration. When I'm done paddling I store my PFD, backrest, kneestraps, paddle leash, paddle clothing, and footwear so all I have to grab is the Mesh Gear Bag and my paddle on the way the door.

If you paddle a lot and try it you would understand how handy it really is.

Medium: 28"
Large: 36"
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Features Benefits
Two Snap Options Brass Snaps or SS / Plasti Snaps
Durable Mesh deck bag with lots of strorage space inside and lashing straps on top