An Update on Our Suppliers' Status During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Will it Affect Your Order?

Posted by Bubba Smith on Apr 21st 2020


Since publishing the blog notice below on April 21st, most of our suppliers have returned to a state of relative normalcy, but several are experiencing disruptions:

  • Sea Eagle is having supply chain issues and has suspended many boats and a few other items until August at the earliest. 
  • Accent Paddles and Cannon Paddles are facing an aluminium shortage. Aluminum shaft paddles will, for the most part, not be available until August.
  • Watersports Warehouse is short-staffed. For made-to-order items, you can expect longer than usual wait times

Uncertain about what to do? Call us at 800-568-0727 to check on the availability of the product you wish to buy. We can let you know right away or check and get back to you in 1-2 days or less.


An Update on Our Suppliers' Status During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Will it Affect Your Order?

April 21, 2020

The Covid-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic has affected business everywhere. That includes us and our suppliers. Below we present an update on our suppliers and their status. remains open for business and we continue to ship products we have in stock. We also drop ship a good number of products and availability of those products we drop ship will depend on the status of our suppliers. Please note that it is our policy to wait until we know that we can ship the product you ordered before running the charge on your card or debiting your Paypal account. Once we know we can get the product to you and on time, only then, in most cases, do we charge you. 

Hats Off Masks On

Before proceeding, we want to express our support and admiration for two of our suppliers:

Accent / Cannon Paddles
in Minnesota


Surf to Summit
in California

for halting production in order to produce PPE (personal protective equipment) for medical personnel during this health emergency. Please note that both of these suppliers do continue to fulfill orders based if they have the products or the parts to assemble them in stock, but for the time being their production is geared toward PPE.

Supplier Round-Up

As you will read, by and large we continue to be able to fulfill orders as under normal conditions.

Accent Paddles


As noted above, Accent Paddles and Cannon Paddles
have halted normal production in order to produce PPE
for the pandemic crisis, but continue to ship orders based
on what the have in stock  or if they have the parts available
to assemble the product(s) ordered. So far, this has not 
meant that we have had to cancel any orders.

Boardworks Surf Co

Boardworks appears to be operating normally.
We await more information.

Danuu Paddle Gear

Danuu Paddle Gear is continuing with normal operations.

Immersion Research continues normal operations but
reports shipping can be delayed by up to an additional
two days.

Ocean Kayak

We stock Ocean Kayak products through a third party dealer
and are well-stocked at this time.

Paddle Buddy

Paddle Buddy continues to operate normally. We are also well
stocked in their products.

Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle reports halting operations when the crisis broke
out,  only to learn that the government considered their products
'essential'.  Thus normal operations have resumed.

Seattle Sports Company

Seattle Sports Company reports that their warehouse is closed.
We stock a majority of their products and will inform you before 
charging if we are not able to fulfill your order.


Skwoosh reports continuing normal operations.

Spring Creek Manufacturing

Spring Creek has halted production, but continues to fulfill
orders, which means we should have no problem fulfilling
your order for any Spring Creek products. We plan to expand
our offering our offering of Spring Creek products in the weeks

Surf to Summit

Surf to Summit is making PPE and has halted production. 
Orders are still being fulfilled, but we are experiencing delays


Trailtopia continues to operate normally and we stock all the
meals listed on this site.

Watershed Dry Bags

Watershed reports facing delays but is working with dealers to
continue fulfilling orders as normally as possible.

Watersports Warehouse

Watersports Warehouse reports being short-staffed and 
this my affect your order of any made-to-order Watspo
product. We will endeavor to notify you in advance of the
time-to-shipment period.


YakGear continue to operate normally.
Backwater Paddles is now run by YakGear.

CreekKooler appears to have gone out of business, and, 
for the time being at least, we have categorized their products
on our site as 'discontinued'.