Kayak Exploration Around the World: Ten Best Kayak-Only Destinations

Posted by Amanda Stout on Jun 30th 2016

Kayak Exploration Around the World: Ten Best Kayak-Only Destinations

Dip your paddle into some of the most beautiful waters around the world. Here are ten locations with excellent views of wildlife and nature which are best accessed by kayak.

Soca River – Slovenia

Paddlers on the Soca RiverThe Soca River is an 86 mile long river located near the Trenta Valley in Slovenia. This isn’t your typical kayaking ride. Many paddlers have said it is one of the most exciting whitewater paddling they have found. Some things to expect on this journey are tight spaces that you may need to squeeze through between canyons formed around the river as well as fast rapids that may carry you faster than you can paddle. This is not only a great place for kayaking. If you love to hike there are many places along the shore to stop and get out to hike these beautiful colored canyons and rock.
 Image Source: Picsabay Credit: Niksy

Florida Everglades - USA

If you’re looking for a chance to see wildlife up close and be immersed in nature, the Florida Everglades are your place to kayak. Among the Everglades, there are many cave-like tunnels that can only be accessed by a kayak as most other boats would be too big. Just remember to bring a flashlight as some of these tunnels can get dark in some areas! The wilderness and scenery is well worth this adventure.


While Antarctica isn’t everyone’s dream destination, the passages left by ice and animals make kayaking down south the perfect way to cool your summer. This viewpoint is unlike any other in the world, as it is one of the only uninhabited places on earth, while being one of the largest! Not only is it cool in Antarctica, but you can explore wildlife in their natural habitat that you may have never seen before except for in a zoo. You can float out past penguins, whales, and all kinds of seals. If you are lucky, you may get close enough to almost touch them!

Milos Island - Greece

Looking for great water to swim and kayak in? Milos Island in Greece offers bright blue water that is perfect for both! If you're looking to kayak in cooler weather there are hot springs near by that you can warm up in and enjoy the natural beauty and coastal arches nearby. The beaches are beautiful and have soft sand.

Blue River - Greenland

Greenland may not have any big city's to offer, but is great for some incredible sights only seen on kayak. Kayaking is a fundamental part of Greenland’s history and the tradition lives on. The Blue River nests between glaciers, and is actually melting run-off from the surrounding ice sculpture beauty. The river got its name from its color: a royal shining blue that shimmers in the sun. The only way to immerse yourself in this glacier field is to nest yourself amongst the river in a warm and comfy kayak.

Nā Pali Coast, Hawaii - USA

Nā Pali Coast - Hawaii

While there may be other ways to view the 4,000 foot tall cliffs on the Nā Pali Coast, kayaking is by far the cheapest and best way to view the ocean and the cliffs. Nā Pali Coast involves a couple of parks on its grounds too so there is plenty to see. Besides seeing some of Hawaii's most beautiful features and scenery, you will also enjoy marine life such as dolphins and sea turtles. Since these animals are used to tourists you can be sure to get a great view of them up close!
  Image Source: Picsabay Credit: Kdvandeventer

Pictured Rocks, Lake Superior - Canada

Lined with multi-colored sandstone cliffs, the Pictured Rocks Lakeshore gives you a taste of Canadian wilderness. The clear waters of Lake Superior create an atmosphere of crystal peacefulness. This is much more than just a lake. Enjoy rock caves, cliffs up to 200 feet high, and the beauty created by these naturally made picture perfect rocks.

Lake McLaren – New Zealand

Worms may not be the most desirable creature, but glow worms are a sight you won’t want to miss! Plan a kayak trip to set off at dusk and sail the caves of Lake McLaren in New Zealand. During the day they may seem like any cave, but they come to life at night with glowing light crawling the walls of the caves. Not only do the glow worms light up your journey, but an extraordinary views of the moon and stars is sure to guide your dim night ride.

Ba Bể Lakes - Vietnam

Morning Mist over Ba Be Lakes

If you're a lover of ancient landmarks, then the Ba Bể Lakes in Vietnam are the perfect place for you to book your next kayaking trip. Although there are many lakes, they all combine into one actual body of water separated by canals and rivers. The highest lake in the country sits atop the Ba Bể National park. The view from this 500 feet above sea level body of water is impeccable letting you see mountains and forest from miles away. Not only does this park offer plenty of water to kayak on, but also allows for you to explore caves and waterfalls. If you're looking for a variety of things to see, Vietnam has a lot to offer you.

  Image Source: Wikimedia Credit: Rolf Müller

Turnip Rock, Lake Huron, Michigan - USA

Turnip Rock on Lake Huron is truly a kayak accessible only sight. All of the nearby land is private property so to see the rock and its years of water erosion you must kayak or boat on the lake to get close enough. It's an amazing sculpture of rock created by the lake's natural erosion patterns. It's not something you see every day and definitely not something you can see on land!