Sixteen Reasons Why Kayaks are Better than Canoes

Posted by Amanda Stout on Jul 12th 2016

Sixteen Reasons Why Kayaks are Better than Canoes

Anyone up for a debate?


While many people may enjoy both kayaks and canoes, everyone has at least some preference about which one they like more. If you're having trouble deciding whether to purchase a kayak or a canoe, here are sixteen reasons why a kayak is better than a canoe. Maybe these reasons are not all based on outright fact, but everyone is entitled to an opinion, right?

1.  Kayaks look cooler than canoes (or at least more modern).

2.  Kayaks generally have a lower purchase price than canoes.

3.  If you’re a beginner, it is easier to learn how to paddle a
     kayak than a canoe, which requires coordination and
     communication with your partner.

4.  Prefer riding solo? Kayaks are easier for single paddlers.


5.  Kayaks are lighter and easier to transport.

6.  In a hurry or have a lot of ground to cover? Kayaks are

7.  Most kayaks have rudders or rudder lines to help
     compensate for wind and currents.

8.  Sit-Inside Kayaks are less susceptible to tipping over
     due to wind gusts.

9.  Why wouldn’t you want to experience nature on a
      more personal level? You are closer to the water in a

10. Kayaks generally have more comfortable seats and
      backrests than canoes. What canoe seat has 2” of molded
      foam padding like the GTS Expedition or the GTS Pro?
      How many canoe seats come equipped with lumbar
      pads like the Deluxe Big Back Seat or the
      Comfort Back Seat?

11. Kayaks provide more protection to your lower body.

12. Kayaks are more maneuverable than canoes.

13. If you are bringing supplies with you that need to stay dry, a kayak is the way to go. Most kayaks have holds
      which seal water-tight. If your canoe tips over, all your gear ends up floating in the water (if it floats).What’s the
      best way to keep your gear dry? We would recommend investing in a waterproof backpack, such as the
      Mariner Waterproof Backback, the Mariner Duffel Backpack or the Aquaknot Backpack.

14.Tired of switching from side to side when paddling in a canoe? Two blades are better than one! Looking for a
     good starter paddle? For kayaking, we recommend the sturdy and durable S2S Kayak Paddle. For canoeing,
     we recommend the 8 Straight Recreational Canoe Paddle.

15. Kayaks do a better job of tracking a straight line. In a canoe, you need two people paddling on either side just
     to minimize the back and forth sway.

16. Far more products and accessories are available for kayaking than for canoeing and many new innovations
      are coming out for kayaks every year.

To our canoe-loving friends, this is all meant in a light-hearted way. In all seriousness, we have no bias against canoes, stand up paddle boards, and any other means of water transportation. Deciding which is superior is your choice. We hope you choose right!


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