DeckPort Mesh Kayak Deck Bag


Product Overview

The DeckPort Mesh Kayak Deck Bag fromWatersports Warehouse offers a convenient, on-deck storage pack for smaller items that you don't mind getting wet.  A front-end zipper allows you easy access to your paddling gear. Four plastic thumb pressure clips allow for quick attachment and removal, allowing you to keep your sunscreen, plano boxes, frisbees and other stuff on your boat while its in the water and even while it is in storage.  Or you can just press the clips, remove it from your kayak and put it right in your car, where your stuff will be all in one place, ready for your next kayaking adventure.

Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days

Color Black
Features Benefits
Easy Attach Four plastic thumb pressure clips with straps allow easy attachment and removal
Rings Two side rings allow you to clip additional gear on the outside
Zipper Wide zipper allows for easy locating of gear inside