Deluxe Paddle Leash


Product Overview

The Deluxe Paddle Leash - High Quality Kevlar Filament Tether from Seattle Sports features a streamlined, low-profile, retractable cord, making it easy to pack so it stays out of the way while providing eight feet of cord when expanded. The heavy-duty snap hook provids maximum durability. Meanwhile, the internal Kevlar cord filament provides maximum strength to prevent breakage. Finally, the unique quick-release-at-paddle feature allows you to quickly and easily attach or detach the leash to and from your paddle.

Length 34.25" retracted (8' expanded)
Diameter .25"
Weight 1.8 ozs
Shipping Weight 2 ozs
Color Black
Features Benefits
fastshippingnew.gif Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days
Retractable Cord stays out of the way when retracted
Plentiful Provides 8' of length when expanded
Heavy-Duty Snap Hook provides maximum durability
Kevlar Kevlar cord filament provides maximum strength to prevent breakage
Quick Release Quick-release-at-paddle feature allows rapid attachment to your paddle
Made in Asia