PRO Bungy Paddle Leash


Product Overview

The PRO Bungy Paddle Leash from North Water is perfect solution to keep you paddle safely next to your kayak. It superbly keeps your hands free while you are on the water for any activity. Its strong 1/4" bungy will hold up to years of use. To open easily with cold or gloved hands, it comes with large thumb snap hook. The compact acetyl eye and loop with security knot connects to shaft strap easily. It features superior quality and offers convenient performance at a great value. This paddle holder is capable of double duty as a rod holder or tether for any other fishing adventure.

1/4" x 42" Bungy extends to 84"  
Weight: 50 g  
Color: Black  
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Features Benefits
Strong 1/4" bungy Assures superior quality and long lasting value
Large Thumb snap hook Opens easily with cold or gloved hands
Double duty paddle leash                            Ideal as a rod holder or tether for any other fishing adventure
Extendable 1/4" x 42" bungy extends to 84"
Lightweight Weight 50 g only
Made in Canada, Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance