Dry Doc ID 2-Pack


Product Overview

PVC-Free LogoThe Dry Doc™ ID from Seattle Sports is designed to keep your driver's license, other photo ID, credit cards or other credit-card-size valuables safe and dry. Drop your ID into this puncture-resistant, PVC-Free film case with Ziploc®-style snap closure and keep it safe from water and dust. Use the handy tab with hole to tie it to your life vest, backpack or better yet, inside a storage bag where it will be doubly protected.

Extra Protection: For a little extra security, add a Tether Pack to your order.

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Weight 0.7 ozs
Shipping Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4" x 2.5"
Colors Available in Clear
Features Benefits
Attachment Tab Keep your ID attached and in a safe place
Ziploc-type Seal Seals airtight for water and dust protection
Eco-Friendly Durable PVC-material resists puncture
Made in Asia Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance

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