Dual-Chamber Paddle Float


Product Overview

The bright yellow Dual Chamber Paddle Float fromSeattle Sports is designed for superior performance in emergency situations. Quick-release buckles make for easy attachment to your kayak paddle while the blow tubes are bright orange for maximum visibility. Dual air chambers provide extra large capacity to offer maximum buoyancy. A clip-on safety tether is provided to help prevent loss of the paddle in windy conditions. A paddle float is an essential addition to your kayaking accessories or canoeing accessories kit.

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Weight 15 ozs
Shipping Weight 1 lb 4 ozs
Height 18.5"
Width 12.5"
Colors High Visibility Yellow with Orange Blow Tubes
Features Benefits
Dual Chambers Extra capacity for maximum buoyancy
Tether Clip-on Safety Tether helps prevent paddle loss
Easy Attachment Quick-release buckles allow easy attachment to your kayak paddle
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