FourPlay Multi-Use Paddle Float


Product Overview

The FourPlay Paddle Float from  North Water This multi-use paddle float is Amazing in its simplicity. It combines several very useful products into one. We could have called it the Six or Seven Play but it was not as much fun. Bring items that you might otherwise have to leave behind. May be used as a Paddle Float, Beaching Pad, Sleeping Pad, Camp Chair, Loading Pad, and anything else you might think of to pad.

Color: Red/Black
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Features Benefits
Paddle : This very efficient paddle float can be deployed from either end.
Comfortable : Makes your paddling Adventures Safer and a lot More Comfortable.
Protect:  Protect your kayak with this beaching pad.
Comfortable : Use as a comfortable Seat with Back.
Sleeping Pad: Use as a Sleeping Pad.
Rituals: It is also works great as a kneeling pad when cooking and performing religious rituals.
Conditions: Reflective Webbing for greater visibility in low light conditions.
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