E-Merse Aqualock Fannypack


Product Overview

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The E-Merse Aqualock Fannypack - Submersible Hip Bag for Valuables from Seattle Sports keeps your valuables and hand-held electronic devices protected from sand and water whilst letting you go hands-free. The adjustable hip belt lets you find the most comfortable position for your fanny pack. The durable polyurethane body includes a built-in window offering visual access to your keys, wallet and other paddling gear. As with other E-Merse dry cases, the Aqualock is built with a double seal: an easy-use slide-lock seal plus an additional Ziploc®-style closure, offering water protection up to a submersion depth of ten feet. Great for hiking, paddling or any other outdoor or watersports activity.

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Weight 5 ozs
Shipping Weight 2 lbs
Height 7.5"
Width 16"
Colors Yellow-Gold backing with clear window
Features Benefits
Adjustable Hip belt lets you find your comfort spot
Viewing Window Gives you visual access to your stuff
Slide-Lock Seal Easy-to-use, seals water-tight
Ziploc-style Seal Insurance seal for extra protection