E-Merse Deeper


Product Overview

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The E-Merse Deeper from Seattle Sports allows you to go deeper and take your phone in depths up to 30 feet. It is perfectly sized to fit phones up to iPhone 6 Plus. Protect your electronics in all your aquatic adventures easily with this waterproof case. It is built with tough, PVC-free polyurethane and features a quick, easy to use double closure system. Its SoftTouch textured bar allows a comfortable and sturdy grip. It doesn’t add much bulk and comes with a slim, low profile. Whether you're hiking a trail, working the yard, paddling a river, or sailing a bay, you can trust this E-Merse Deeper anywhere.

Height 6.375in
Width 3.125in
Color Clear
variableshiptime200.gif Ships in 0 to 14 Business Days
Features Benefits
Submersible to 30 feet Protects your phone in depths up to 30 feet
Sturdy construction Built with tough, PVC-Free polyurethane
SoftTouch textured bar Offers a sturdy and comfortable handheld grip
Uses Ideal to use while you are paddling a river, sailing a bay, hiking a trail, or working the yard
PVC-Free clear material Allows you to use your phone right through the case
Made in Asia