E-Merse DryMax 7" Audio eReader New

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Product Overview


The E-Merse™ DryMax™ 7" Audio eTab/Kindle® from Seattle Sports combines all the best of the E-Merse series in one dry case for your Kindle® , Nook® or other 7" book reader.s The clear case lets you see and use your reader right through the case. The DryMax™ feature includes one rechargeable DryMax™ dessicant packet that helps to eliminate fog and prevent ambient moisture build-up inside the bag. Plug in your headphones with the watertight audio jack at the bottom of the bag and listen to your favorite audio book. As with all E-Merse™ series dry bags, this case features a bright blue handle with a waterproof slide-lock plus an additional Ziploc-style seal for extra water protection. 

Extras: Additional DryMax™ dessicant packets available in 5-packs.

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Internal Dimensions 8" H x 5.5" W
Weight 1.7 ozs
Shipping Weight 1 lb
Colors Clear / Yellow
Features Benefits
DryMax Dessicant packet (1 included) helps prevent fog-up and ambient moisture build-up
Watertight Slide-lock handle plus additional Ziploc-style closure for 2x the water protection
Audio Audio jack lets you to plug in headphones while the case remains sealed
Handle Makes this bag easy-to-carry; take in anywhere
Submersible up to 10'
Lanyard Allows you to wear this case comfortably around your neck

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