E-Merse DryMax DryCam Small

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Product Overview

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The E-Merse DryMax DryCam Small - Dry Case for Small Cameras from Seattle Sports is designed for small to medium-sized point and shoot electronic cameras. Comes with a DryMax packet to help eliminate fog build up and maximum moisture control. The bag makes room for the lens to come forward with a pleated bottom to accommodate wider items. Submerse your camera or other valuables in this case up to a depth of ten feet and thanks to an easy-to-use, slide lock seal with an additional Ziploc®-style closure, your items will be secure. The durable polyurethane case has a built-in window within the bright, yellow-gold trim for great visual access. Comes with a lanyard to attach to the blue carrying handle for easy hand transport or to place around your neck for hands-free carrying.

Note: This product is designed for cameras with low profile zoom lenses. If the operation of the zoom lens is restricted, damage to the camera can occur, so if your camera has higher profile zoom lens, consider buying a large case.

Extras: Additional DryMax™ dessicant packets are available in 5-packs.

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Weight 2.4 ozs
Shipping Weight 1 lb 3 ozs
Length 7.5"
Width 4.5"
Internal Dimensions 6" x 4.5"
Colors Clear with Yellow-Gold trim and blue handle
Features Benefits
Slide-Lock Seal Submersible up to a depth of ten feet
Double Seal Second Ziploc-type seal for extra protection
Viewing Window Great visual access
Lanyard For hands-free carrying
Dry Max Includes Dry Max packet to help prevent fogging

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