Floppy Disk - 7" Silicone Frisbee

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Product Overview

This Floppy Disk from Seattle Sports is perfect solution for throwing around and playing with your pets and friends. It features extra strong silicone withstand tough dog biting to be easily grabbed by your pet. It weighs 210 grams and measures 9 inches. With this Floppy Disk, you can enjoy a great fun and quality time with your pet. It is ideal for retrieving in your yard or park. Its characteristics make it better for your dog’s teeth as it is unsuitable for chewing. The superior construction of this floppy disk assures durability and reliability.

7" Silicon Disk  
210 grams  
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Features Benefits
Silicone flying disk Perfect for throwing around with your friends and pets
Sturdy construction Assures reliability and long lasting value
Extra strong silicone Withstands tough dog biting
Easy to carry Its small size makes it ideal for carrying around
Durable fabric Ideal for your four-legged friend
Made in Asia