GTS Hydration Pack

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Product Overview

The GTS Hydration Pack - Detachable Kayak Seat Pack from Surf to Summit allows for uninterrupted, arms-free drinking to keep you hydrated during your race or on a long-distance paddle.  Convenient, efficient and easy to clean, the 24 ounce bladder fits in a zippered pouch and is attached to a durable, 40 inch drinking hose with a self-sealing tip that fits over your shoulder from the top of the pack. This pack is interchangeable with the other packs in the GTS line to fit your GTS ExpeditionExpedition SBGTS Elite or GTS Pro Kayak Seat. Having a hydration pack could spell the difference between a great day on the water and a bad case of heat stroke. 

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Pack Only Seats sold separately
Hose Length 40"
Volume 24 oz
For GTS Seats Fits the GTS Expedition, GTS Expedition SB, GTS Elite and GTS Pro kayak seats
Features Benefits
No Spills Self-sealing drinking tip
Efficient Fits over your shoulder
Made in the USA Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance