GTS Water Bottle Pack

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Product Overview

The GTS Water Bottle Pack from Surf to Summit combines storage capacity and hydration in one attractive kayak seat pack.  This pack comes with two 16 ounce water bottles that fit into two molded foam water bottle holders (one on each side). The generously sized zipper pouch will hold your sunscreen, map, keys and other important paddling gear. As a member of the GTS pack line, this pack is interchangeable with any of the other GTS packs, allowing you to customize your seat for each kayak outing. The pack clips easily onto the back of your GTS ExpeditionExpedition SBGTS Elite or GTS Pro. With 32 ounces of fluid and all your essential kayaking gear at the ready and attached to your seat, you'll be ready for adventure.s

Water Bottle Volume Each holds 16 oz
Color Black
For GTS Seats Fits the GTS Expedition, GTS Expedition SB, GTS Elite and GTS Pro kayak seats
fastshipping202.gif Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days
Features Benefits
Hydration Includes two water bottle holders and two water bottles
Storage Includes a generously sized, splashproof, zipper pouch
Pack Only Seat sold separately
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Performance and Workmanship