High Tech Kayak Seat

$99.94 - $109.94

Product Overview

The High Tech Thermomolded Kayak Seat from Surf to Summit is arguably the most universal and economical kayak comfort solution on the market. This is one of the longest-running production seats in the kayak industry and one of the first thermo-formed kayak seats to hit the market. For anyone looking for a seat to mount on a kayak that has multiple users, this makes a great choice because it will support a wide range of different body types. A true workhorse seat, it has been a seat of choice among outfitters for years and is also an ideal family kayak seat. The thermal molded super-supportive back rest provides great support.Molded grooves on the seat bottom help to channel water off the seat.

Mounts easily on most sit on top kayaks and is easily customized. Choose from the versatile marine grade solid brass clips that fit nearly any kayak decking or the optional 1.5" plastic side squeeze buckles intended for older model sit on top kayaks.

Zipper Pack Optional
Available with or without the spacious rear zipper pack. 

Note: If you're looking for something a little thicker in the seat, check out the Drifter Kayak Seat.

Weight 2.25 lbs
Shipping Weight 3.25 lbs
Seat Back 12.5”L x 23.5”W
Seat Cushion 13”L x 14”W x 3/4”H
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Features Benefits
Thermo-Molded For extended longevity and support
Marine Quality Solid brass attachments front and rear
Exlusive Design Built with our proprietary process of layered foam, fabric, and plastic, compression molded at 400 °F and 60 tons of pressure
Made in USA Guaranteed Performance and Workmanship