Hooded Travel Neck Pillow


Product Overview

The Hooded Travel Neck Pillow  from Grand Trunk Travelers of every stripe know they need to recharge whenever possible. With our Hooded Pillow, you can grab a nap in total privacy on planes, in parks, or wherever else you're feeling sluggish. Wake up well-rested and ready to tackle your next adventure.

Weight: 13 oz
Pack Dimensions: 11” x 5”
Pillow Dimensions: 11” x 11” x 4”
Inner Material : High-grade memory foam
Outer Material: Soft luxury micro fleece
variableshiptimenew.gif Normally Ships in 1 to 3 Weeks
Features Benefits
Support: Provides 360-degree head and neck support
Privacy: Attached stowaway hood with drawstring for privacy
Hygienic : Hygienic carry bag to keep it clean with webbing on bottom for easy transport.
Storage : Side pocket storage on pillow
  Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance