Tote Ally Awesome Travel Tote Bag


Product Overview

The Tote Ally Awesome Travel Tote Bag from Grand Trunk is goods to save the planet: made from recycled material so nothing goes to waste. Made from recycled parachute nylon, this tote bag is perfect for quick trips to the park, beach or market. Carry a hefty handful of items then stuff it in your pocket when not in use. Grab everything you need on the way to your next adventure... or just milk and eggs on the way home.

fastshipping202.gifNormally Ships in 0 to 3 Business Days
Size: 3" x 4"
Number of Hammocks: 6
Colors: Cabo Print, Ocean Print, Serape, Bluu Nile, Vibin, Green Mamba, Heritage, Thai Elephants, Thai Diamonds, Thai Flowers and Thai-SW
Features Benefits
Advantage: Attached Stuff Sack
Features: Packs up to 3" x 4" - think golf ball but squishier
Straps: Big enough to hold 3 gallons of milk or 6 hammocks and straps
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance