Lashmates Supersuk

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Product Overview


The SUP Strap System - Carrying Strap for Stand Up Paddle Boards from Seattle Sports lets you go hands-free when carrying your Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board to and from the water. Cinch the strap loops tight on your board and click shut the two heavy-duty quick-release buckles, then lift the thick, padded shoulder strap over your shoulder and you're ready for hands-free transporting. A built-in loop allows you to use this as a storage device for hanging your SUP on hooks or screws mounted on any wall. Here is some all-around convenience at a great price.

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Weight 2.0 lbs
Shipping Weight 1.25 lbs
Color Black
Features Benefits
Padded Thick, padded shoulder strap cushions the load
Loops Two large, adjustable strap loops provide a tight grip on your board
Clickable Click the heavy-duty quick-release buckles to secure or relase your board
Hooks Two handy loop hooks let you hang your board on hooks or screws mounted on any wall

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