Lashmate SuperSuk Bottle Cage

Was: $19.95
Now: $17.95

Product Overview

The Lashmate SuperSuk Bottle Cage from Seattle Sports is perfect for canoeists, kayakers and stand up paddle boarders. Featuring LashMates SuperSuk technology, it is an ideal hydration solution. With the flip of a lever, its heavy duty suction cup secures and re-mounts. The Pivoting bottle cage offers outstanding adjusting ability and you can easily mount the anywhere between 0 and 90 degrees. It shows compatibility with almost all standard sized bottles. Falling of a bottle into the lake, pond, or river is not a matter of concern with this bottle cage as it holds the bottle superbly.

Features Benefits
Heavy-duty suction cup Secures with the flip of a lever
Pivoting bottle cage Allows user to mount their bottle anywhere between 0 and 90 degrees
Perfect fit Compatible with standard-size bottles
Durable Assures durability for long-use
Strong built High-grade build quality for superior performance
Made in Asia