Max Fat Shoulder Strap Deluxe

Was: $9.95
Now: $7.95

Product Overview

Travelling with luggage loaded on your shoulders will be made easier by the Max Fat Shoulder Strap Deluxe from Seattle Sports Made to offer optimum user-convenience, this fat shoulder strap can effortlessly replace a thin shoulder strap that can cause discomfort when worn for long hours. The sturdy styling of this strap is nicely complemented by thick padding provided at the center. This padding minimizes fatigue by cushioning the shoulder section. For attaching this strap to carry bags and similar items, a 1.5 inch EZ-Adapt buckle is provided. This buckle can be easily operated and its lobster’s clasp closure permits secured fastening.

Length 43.25 inches
Width 3.25 inches
Thickness 1 inches
Features Benefits
Construction Thick padding at the center allows convenient handling.
Quick attachment A 1.5 inch EZ-Adapt buckle permits easy installation and attachment with other items.
Easy handling The fat-size of the strap makes it travel friendly.
Durable The fine-quality construction makes it long-lasting.
 Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days
Made in Asia  Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance