Stash Fat Shoulder Strap Sport

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Product Overview

The Stash Fat Shoulder Strap Sport from Seattle Sports aims to improve your travelling experience by enhancing the comfort level of carrying shoulder bags. This strap works as the perfect replacement of the thin straps that are provided in most carry-bags as they wish to improve the user’s experience by delivering better comfort. The thick padding at the center is innovated with a storage pocket to maximize comfort and function. This zippered stash pocket can be used for storing cards, keys and similar products as it provides easy access to these items. To attach this strap to any carry bag, a 1.5 inch EZ-Adapt buckle is provided. The reflective surface of the strap grants better visibility during nighttime.

Length 39.5 inches
Width 3 inches
Thickness 0.75 inches
Features Benefits
Quick attachment A 1.5 inch EZ-Adapt buckle permits easy installation and attachment with other items.
Construction Thick padding at the center allows convenient handling.
Easy handling The fat-size of the strap makes it travel friendly.
Reflective It permits easy visibility.
Stash pocket It provides easy access to small items like keys, cards etc.
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