Micro Throw Line

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Product Overview

The Micro Throw Line from North Water 50' x 1/4” Polypro – Red/Black/Blue is easy to throw and easy to stow. It perfect for canoes, kayaks and rental fleets, and has a built-in waterproof whistle, tie-down strap, reflective tape for high visibility. Its nylon mesh panel allows it to drain and dry quickly. This micro throw line is compact, flexible, and easy to stuff, knot & throw. For waist worn convenience, you can easily use it with the Quick-Click Belt. This durable high tenacity pack cloth bag easily clips to boat for secure and quick access.

420D Pack Cloth Bag  
6 mm Multi-Filament Polypropylene Rope  
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Features Benefits
Mesh panel Drain and dries fast
High Tenacity Offers long lasting value and superior quality
Easy access Easily clips to boat for secure and quick access
Uses Perfect for canoes and kayaks and rental fleets
Additional benefits Compact, flexible, easy to stuff, knot & throw
Made in Canada, Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance