Regulation Throw Line


Product Overview

The Regulation Throw Line from North Water 50' x 1/4+” Polypro – Red/Yellow comes rot & mildew resistant, and features low water absorption. Made with durable 600D polyester, it assures superior quality and long lasting value. It is perfect fit for all outfitters and paddlers as it is compact and reliable. For secure access, this throw line easy clips to your boat as well as meets coast guard requirements as a buoyant heaving line. Its reflective tape and efficient throwing teardrop shape makes it ideal for low light conditions.

Durable 600D Polyester  
Pealess Whistle Side-Squeeze Buckle  
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Features Benefits
Superior construction Made of heavy duty 600D polyester
Tear drop shape Thoughtfully designed for easy throwing
Multifilament rope Comes rot and mildew resistant, and has low water absorption
Uses An ideal tool for swimmer recovery, sea kayaking, canoeing, and whitewater kayaking
Reflective Tape Assures visibility in low light conditions
Made in Canada, Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance