Ocean Kayak Comfort Hybrid Seat Back


Product Overview

The Comfort Hybrid Seat Back from Ocean Kayak is designed for easy installation and easy removal. With 1/2" of foam on top of a solid plastic backing wrapped in UV resistant nylon pack cloth, this seat is built durable for long-term wear and tear. With a single bungee strap with a snap-on clip the seat back secures in the rear and can be used to secure the seat in a forward position when not in use. A bungee on the back of the seat allows you to stow your water bottle or other paddling gear. The forward straps adjust with tri-glids and attach with a plastic ring that fits directly onto the pad eyes (deck loops), necessitating removal and re-threading of the straps through the tri-glides. This seat is designed for Ocean Kayak's Tetra Series and can be screwed directly into the boat (straps not included) at the crease for permanent fixture to prevent the seat from sliding forward. It is thus intended as a replacement seat.

Weight 2.5 lbs
Shipping Weight 3.5 lbs
Seat back Height 16"
Seat Back Width (with wings) 17.5"
Seat Cushion 15" deep x 17.5" wide
Thickness 3/4"
fastshipping202.gif Normally Ships in 0 to 3 Business Days
Features Benefits
Color Black
Durable Wrapped in UV resistant nylon pack cloth for long-term wear and tear
Affixable Can be permanently affixed to your boat at the crease to prevent sliding (straps not included)
Back Clip Clip on rear bungee secures seat back in rear position when in use and in forward position when not in use
Bungee Bungee behind seat lets you store your water bottle or other kayaking gear
Made in China