Ocean Kayak Comfort Zone Seat Back

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Product Overview

The Comfort Zone Kayak Seat from Ocean Kayak is designed for all day fun on the water. Made from compression-molded foam with a durable nylon shell built to withstand wear and tear, the taller seat back offers lower, middle and upper back support but still allows ample arm movement to complete your paddle stroke, while the seat cushion is thicker than on the Comfort Plus and Comfort Tech kayak seats. Attachment is easy with brass clips powered by stainless steel springs. Built with strength for hours of support and long-term wear.

The Seat Back is reinforced with a solid plastic sheet for unwavering back support. On back of the seat back there is a center pocket to store your maps and smaller personal items. On the outside is a bungee-cord lattice system where you could stuff your lunch, your water shoes or other medium sized items. On either side of the pocket is a green mesh for style and fast-drying. Beneath the seat bottom is a rubberized covering that sheds water. Front and back strapping with tri-glides allows you to tighten the seat up to your comfort level. 

Seat Back Dimensions 16" W x 24" H
Seat Back Thickness 1"
Seat Cushion Dimensions 15" W x 18" Deep
Seat Cushion Thickness 1 1/8"
Weight 2.5 lbs
Shipping Weight 3.0 lbs
Color Black with Green Mesh
 Fast Shipping Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days
Features Benefits
Storage Pocket Center storage pocket behind seat back (no zipper) lets you store maps and small items
Bungee Lattice Outside the storage pocket lets you store water shoes or medium size items
Green Mesh Allows for fast-drying and adds an element of style
Rubberized Bottom Beneath Seat Cushion helps shed water
Rugged Made with compression-molded foam covered with a durable nylon fabric to withstand wear and tear
Support Solid plastic backing provides unwavering back support
Adjustable Forward straps and rear straps with triglides allow for four-way adjustability
Brass Clips Brass clips uwing stainless steel springs come standard
Made in China  Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance