Outfitter Class Pack Sink


Product Overview

Cleaning utensils at a camping trip demands a dependable companion like the Outfitter Class Pack Sink from Seattle Sports Offering 3.5 gallon capacity, this portable sink is modelled in a square shape to offer maximum storage space. It can be used to hold large as well as small vessels by accommodating them conveniently. The use of 18oz. vinyl is enhanced with RF welded seaming that together grants it a tough framework. The unique square shape makes it suitable for use as a storage container too. It can be easily folded, which makes it highly portable and the webbing carry handles permit convenient handling.

Dimensions 6.5-inch H x 11-inch W x 11-inch D
Capacity 786ci/12.8L
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Features Benefits
Construction It is made using a vinyl base that is strengthened with RF welded seams to make a strong frame.
Webbing carry handles They assist easy handling of this pack sink.
Foldable design It folds flat to permit easy storage when not in use.
Rigid frame It firmly holds the sink when open for use
Versatile use It can be used as a sink for keeping utensils or as a storage box.
Made in Asia