Outfitter Kayak Seat

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Now: $55.75

Product Overview

The Outfitter Molded Foam Kayak Seat from Surf to Summit is designed to last and last. Originally designed for instructional kayak programs, the designers wanted to build a seat that could withstand the constant use and abuse that a commercial kayak seat takes. Made with a patented compression molding process that bonds the fabric to the foam under 60 tons of pressure, this seat is made for outfitters who have seen what constant use can do to a kayak seat. The PVC reinforced plastic backing provides firmness and the 13 inch high back provides great support, even for larger paddlers. Comes with a lifetime warranty. Attaches easily to most kayaks. Adjusts easily. A great seat at a great price.

Pack Option
Select the optional Zipper Pack and add a generously sized, zippered storage pack that will detach from the seat.

Seat Back Height 13" High
Seat Back Dimensions 13” H x 22” W
Seat Cushion Dimensions 14” Deep x 14" W
Seat Cushion Thickness 7/8"
Color Black
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Features Benefits
Attaches Easily Four point adjustable attachment system for customizable comfort
Compression Molded Made with layered foam, fabric, and plastic, compression molded at 400 °F and 60 tons of pressure
Made in USA Guaranteed Performance and Workmanshi