Sea Eagle Life Jacket


Product Overview

Wear the Sea Eagle Life Jacket from Sea Eagle Sea Eagle Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets are good looking and durable. Features four plastic closures on adjustable nylon straps for a comfortable, secure fit.

XXL 50"-60" Chest
L/XL 40"-52" Chest
S/M 30"-42" Chest
Size Medium, Large, Extra Large
Colors Blue

Normally ships in 2-5 business days if item is in stock. This item is only available to USA customers; Sea Eagle does not permit its US vendors to market its products outside of the United States.

Features Benefits
Design It features a sleeveless design with deep armholes and has a vest pocket in front. It is padded for comfort.
Plastic Straps Four plastic closures on adjustable nylon straps for a comfortable, secured fitting.
Suitability                                   Explorer Inflatable Kayaks,FastTrack Inflatable Kayaks,FoldCat Inflatable Pontoon Boat,Frameless Inflatable Fishing Boats,Inflatable Fishing Kayaks,Inflatable Motormount Boats,Inflatable Sport Kayaks,Inflatable Sport Runabouts,Inflatable Travel Canoe,LongBoard Inflatable SUPs,PaddleSki Inflatable Catamaran Kayak,SailCat,Yacht Tenders.
Made in Asia Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance