Sherpak GoBoat Cradles

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Product Overview

Engineered to assist in smooth transportation, the Sherpak Goboat Cradles from Seattle Sports can be mounted firmly on boats to provide steady support in the transference process. Designed using powder coated steel, these boat cradles feature a curved profile that is created by using dual panels positioned at a parallel distance. Rubber pads featuring a grip-friendly design are also provided at the top to aid in easy operation of these cradles. The strong base is well-equipped to be mounted on any transport source as these heavy-duty cradles are suitable for a wide range of operations.

Dimensions 15.75in H x 6in W x 19in D
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Features Benefits
Construction They feature a heavy-duty construction to assist transportation.
Usage ease They are versatile enough to be used for different boat transport services.
Powder coated steel It prevents scratches and renders durability to the design.
Rubber pads They provide a firm grip to the device and assist in smooth working.
Suitability They can be mounted on square, round and oval bars.
Made in China