Sherpak Super Mat

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Now: $17.95

Product Overview

The Sherpak Super Mat from Seattle Sports is perfectly sized to fit the Go! 15. This super thick non-slip matting provides a protective and outstanding functioning layer between your rooftop and car top carrier. It is made with rugged materials and offer exceptional value unmatched in its class. You can resize this super mat accordingly also, as it can be cut to smaller sizes. The dimension of this mat is 45in H x 38in W.

Dimensions 45in H x 38in W
Features Benefits
fastshipping202.gif Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days
Non-slip matting Offers a protective and super functioning layer
Scratch resistant Defends against scratching car top
Extra padding Minimize car-top abrasion
Resize Easy to cut to any size by the user
Additional benefits Perfectly sized to fit the Sherpak Go! 15
Made in Asia