Ultimate Angler Kayak Paddle


Product Overview

The Ultimate Angler Kayak Paddle from Cannon Paddles  is a great paddle for stalking the big ones. The Ultimate Angler is built with a high strength to weight carbon smooth shaft offering great performance and feel on the water. The carbon reinforced nylon blades are durable, yet lightweight. LeverLock Technology adds 20cm of length and infinite angle adjustment making it ideal for today’s High-Low seating systems found on most fishing kayaks.

Weight(oz): 32.5oz
Weight(g): 921g
Blade Size: 101 sq. in. (651 sq. cm.)
Color: Black
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Features Benefits
Performance Carbon smooth shaft for feel and performance
Durability Lightweight and durable carbon reinforced nylon blades
Adjustable 20cm of length adjustment
Paddle Perfect paddle for high-low seats
LeverLock LeverLock adjustment technology
Advantage Power to move any rig
Made_in_USA Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance

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