Utility Wall Cradles

Was: $26.95
Now: $20.25

Product Overview

The Utility Wall Cradles - Versatile Garage Storage Solution from Seattle Sports offer a budget solution to reducing clutter in your garage. Protective foam bads will keep your boat scratch free. Capable of handling your kayak or small canoe, these bad boys can also get your paddles, skis, ladders, fishing poles or even your garden tools up off the ground and on the wall, leaving your garage organized and tidy. Made with corrosion-resistant steel, these easy-to-install cradles come with mounting hardware included.

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Weight 1.3 lbs
Shipping Weight 3.1 lbs
Height 11"
Width 14"
Color Black
Features Benefits
Versatile Store your kayak, small canoe, paddles, ladders, skis, fishing poles or other gear on the wall.
Tough Made with powder-coated, corrosion-resistant steel for long-term durability.
Scratch-Free Protective foam pads cushion your boat.
Easy Simple to install; mounting hardware included.