YakSling - Kayak Carrying Strap


Product Overview

The YakSling Kayak Carrying Strap from Danuu is a must-have for any solo kayak or SUP paddler. With cam buckles and extra padding the YaksSling makes carrying your kayak or stand up paddle board a breeze. The heavy-duty metal cam buckles can handle heavy loads; just cinch them down to the size of your boat or board. Comes with an attached mesh bag for quick and easy storage. Added Value: The YakSling doubles as a kayak or SUP storage rack, just supply some hooks on your wall and hang your boat or board up.

Instructions for Use:
1. Undo the cinch and turn the mesh bag inside out, orienting the shoulder pad upside down.
2. Slide the loops over each end of the boat and adjust the cam buckles, cinching them down tight.
3. Attach your paddle using the Velcro strips.
4. Adjust the shoulder strap to the length that is most comfortable and lift over your shoulder. You are ready to go.

Convenient Allow you to attach your paddle and go hands-free
Color Black
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Features Benefits
Metal Buckles Heavy-duty cam buckles will cinch tight and handle heavy loads
Carrying Sack Attached cinch sack won't get lost and makes for easy storage and carrying
Dual Use Doubles as a kayak storage rack or SUP board storage rack
Velcro Straps Allow you to attach your paddle and go hands-free 
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