2” Velcro Overlay Thigh Straps - pr


Product Overview

The 2” Velcro Overlay Thigh Straps - pr from North Water are perfect solution for tandem or solo boats for casual river running. They are economical and easy to install using four 2” D-rings. Featuring nylon webbing, they are sturdy and long lasting. These thigh straps are easily adjustable for superior fit and utmost comfort.

Nylon Webbing  
Install using 4 x 2" D-Ring Anchors  
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Features Benefits
Adjustable Allows you to adjust them for a comfortable fit
Easy to install Can be installed easily using four two-inch D-rings
Nylon webbing Assures sturdiness and long lasting value
Uses Ideal for casual river running and can be used for solo or tandem boating
Additional benefits Economical and easy to install canoe thigh straps
Made in Canada, Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance