Rodeo Thigh Straps - pr


Product Overview

The Rodeo Thigh Straps - pr from North Water are perfect solution for Rodeo Hole Riding. They are our one of the finest and secure thigh strap system, featuring 1" nylon webbing and 2" polyester strap. With 4 x 2" D-rings (not included) and 2 x 1" cam buckle anchors (not included, in stock but awaiting posting to our site), these straps can be installed easily. They keep you stationary in your seat, whether you are window-shading or performing pirouettes. Use the rodeo thigh straps for tandem or solo boats for casual river running.

1" Nylon Webbing  
2" Polyester Strap  
Install using 4 x 2" D-rings and 2 x 1" Cam Buckle Anchors.  
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Features Benefits
Sturdy construction Superbly designed for Rodeo Hole Riding
Easy to install Can be installed easily with 4 x 2" D-rings and 2 x 1" cam buckle anchors
Long lasting Made with 1" nylon webbing and 2" polyester strap
Uses Ideally keeps you stationary in your seat
Additional benefits Comes as the most secure thigh strap system
Made in Canada, Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance