Padded Thigh Straps - pr


Product Overview

Ensure utmost comfort and control with our Padded Thigh Straps - pair from North Water. They are ideal to be anchored with either adjustable anchors or 2" D-ring Anchors  (not included). Featuring 2 1/2" wide strap and 1/2" thick padding, they will fit any boat, body or paddling style. They guarantee a perfect fit regardless of who uses your boat. You can ideally adjust them from the top or the bottom.

1/2" Foam Padding  
1" Nylon Webbing  
1000D Nylon  
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Features Benefits
Perfect fit Fits any boat, body or paddling style ideally
Super comfortable Comes with a 2 1/2" wide strap and 1/2" thick padding
Easy to install Can be installed easily using the 2" D-rings or the adjustable anchors
Uses Ideal for canoeing
Additional benefits Thoughtfully engineered to provide superior performance, safety, and comfort in equal measure
Made in Canada, Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance