AquaSto Pop Cap 2-Pack


Product Overview

The AquaSto Pop Cap 2-Pack from Seattle Sports is being offered as an ideal replacement cap for AquaSto Water Bottle, Water Carriers, and Water Keg. The caps are standard size screw caps that show compatibility with most reusable bottles. It doesn’t harm the environment in any way as it is made of BPA- and PVC free materials. This cap features push-pull style and bright color. Its bright color keeps it safe. The AquaSto Pop Cap 2-Pack includes 2 push-pull caps and cap covers. The covers included with the cap keep valve clean. Replace caps with these stand standard size screw caps.

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Features Benefits
Standard size screw caps Compatible with most reusable bottles
Eco-friendly Made with BPA- and PVC- Free materials
Ideal to replace Replacement caps for AquaSto Water Bottle, Water Carriers, and Water Keg
Durable construction Assures durability for long use
Easy to use Allows easy usability with various bottles
Made in Asia