AquaSto Water Keg 8L


Product Overview

Use the AquaSto Water Keg 8L from Seattle Sports for group hydration and water transport while camping, playing team sports, and more. It is PVC & BPA free and comes with 8 liter holding capacity. This water keg features convenient carry handle, lightweight and puncture resistant polyethylene body that offers easiness in carrying and assures longer lasting value. It is transparent blue from one side and opaque black on another to check water ideally from time to time and double as a solar water heater for showers and dish washing. This water carrier consists of 1 spigot, 1 flat cap and 1 push-pull cap.

5L Dimensions 11.5in H x 15.75in W
Capacity 8L
fastshipping202.gif Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days
Features Benefits
Superbly Constructed Lightweight and puncture resistant polyethylene body
Convenient carry handle Allows easy access to carry anywhere
Water Checking Transparent blue is ideal for checking water levels
Uses Easy to store and carry water for camping, playing team sports, and more!
Additional benefits Includes 1 spigot, 1 flat cap, 1 push-pull cap
Made in Asia  Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance