AquaSto Water Bottle 800ml

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Product Overview

The AquaSto Water Bottle 800ml from Seattle Sports comes as a freezable, foldable, lightweight, collapsible bottle. It is being offered with a detachable carry lanyard that allows easy access while you’re on the move. This water is safe, healthy and non-toxic also, as it comes BPA-Free and PVC-Free. For handheld carrying and easy attachment to packs, it is host to durable nylon carabiner. You will stay hydrated and fresh during various activities with this easy-to-carry bottle. It has a lightweight and puncture resistant polyethylene body that assures long lasting value. Its adjustable/detachable hands-free carry lanyard makes it ideal for using as well.

Dimensions 9in H x 4.5in W
Capacity 800ml/27fl.oz.
variableshiptime200.gif Ships in 0 to 14 Business Days
Features Benefits
Detachable carry lanyard Offers hands-free access while you’re on the go
PVA & BPA Free Made with PVC & BPA free materials
Superior construction Lightweight and puncture resistant polyethylene body to keep you hydrated and smart during activities
Easy attachment The AquaSto Water Bottle offer easy attachment to packs
Additional benefit Includes 1 push-pull cap
Made in Asia