Boat Roller

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Product Overview

The Sherpak™ Boat Roller - Kayak or Canoe Transport Solution from Seattle Sports means no more heavy lifting of your entire boat from pavement to cartop. It also turns mounting your canoe or kayak on top of you car into a one man or one woman job. First, mount the Boat Roller on your vehicle roof top, windshield or rear glass and secure by flipping the levers on the two heavy-duty suction cups to create suction. Will work on virtually any vehicle thanks to two angle options. Next, with boat on the ground, lift the bow or stern end of your boat and settle it onto the rollers. Now move to the opposite end of your boat, lift and roll, sliding your boat into place on your cartop bars, foam blocks or cradles. Once the boat is firmly in place, resting on your cartop in a secure position, flip the levers to release the suction cups, and you're done. The Boat Roller will take up little space in your vehicle and works great in helping you remove the boat from your vehicle as well. Quick, Simple and Smart.

Tip: Keep a rag handy to clean surface area before attaching suction cups - surface should be dry and free of debris for suction cups to create a strong grip.

Note: If your vehicle has a roof extension or spoiler, your boat might not reach the Roller. A better option for you might be the Fourplay Multi-Use Paddle Float, which can lay over the roof extension or spoiler to protect it from scratches.

Weight 1 lb 8 ozs
Shipping Weight 3 lbs 8 ozs
Height 6.5"
Length 25"
Diameter 2.5"
Color Black
fastshipping202.gif Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days
Features Benefits
Padded Cushioned rollers won't scratch your boat
Secure Large suction cups activated by levers provide a strong grip
Convenient Quick and easy attachment, removal and storage
Made in China  

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